If you're interested...

And there's no reason you should be, but just in case you want to know who I am and why I'm writing this blog, then please, read on. I promise to keep it short and mildly interesting!

I broke my Mother's heart at the age of 16 when I left home to join the Army. A 20 year career ensued with highlights being commissioned from the ranks at age 21, earning the coveted green beret of the Commandos, selection to be an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and gaining my Masters degree despite not studying beyond my 'O' levels at school.







I then dabbled in various businesses. Amazon seller, t-shirt designer and more sensibly, running my own training and coaching business for 13 years, specialising in leadership development. An invitation to join a client full time took me to my present employment.

That's the dull stuff out the way. 

The reason for this blog? Well I guess it's a deeply personal thing for me and very selfish. It's my online journal quite frankly and as such, I have no expectation that anyone is either reading my posts or even interested.

Journaling helps me deal with my inner struggles with depression and gets me out of my own head. So does running and triathlon. In fact, any kind of physical exercise, especially outdoors, helps me. Journaling as a component part of this getting out of my head is far easier on the PC. My handwriting sucks!

Which brings me nicely to the theme and name of this site; Black Dog Runner. I once saw a short video called 'I had a black dog, his name was depression' (watch it HERE) which really helped me understand my own struggles with mood, sadness and lack of joy in my life. It also helped to know that what I experience is a real thing and shared by many others. We are not alone. It made sense to me.

Something else that helps me make sense of my world, is philosophy and most practically, Stoicism. I don't intend to write a discourse on the philosophy here. One, I'm a student of it and by no means a scholar or teacher. Second, there's much better places to do so, such as Ryan Holiday's awesome YouTube channel at the Daily Stoic - make sure you check it out.

Running and triathlon; particularly the 'ultra' end of the scale with these pursuits is a place that I'm at my most content and happiest. Some may find it strange that I get closest to inner peace through suffering, but for me it just works.



I will write about stuff that interests me. It will be deeply personal at times and not necessarily based on fact or logic. It's wholly subjective, as all opinions and experiences are.

And if you happen to be reading any of my posts, I hope you get something out of it.

Sandhurst intake SMC 921