• Peter Lewis

Ignoring the Voices

You know the ones. Those voices in your head that whisper sweet nothings like...

"You can stop now"

"It's okay to not carry on"

Or the particularly insidious,

"Nobody will think any less of you"

All of which are true of course. The kind of thoughts that you come to expect when you're knee deep in hurt during a long race, depleted of energy and suffering alongside hundreds of other folk who have paid for the privilege!

But I didn't expect it to come 15 minutes into my rather relaxed swim set this morning in my local pool!

Ok, it was just past six in the morning, but I'd had a decent night's sleep and enjoyed the comforts of my duvet for a full eight hours or so.

I wasn't cold, but granted was wet, and whilst my training volume at the moment is quite high, I'm feeling in a good place mentally and physically.

So of course I ignored the voices. Easy to do when you know you've only got a half hour session to get through and anyway, how ridiculous is it to give up after only quarter of an hour!

But I'm amazed and surprised how easy our central governor, our brain, decides to try and take over and manage our physical load.

A timely reminder that I am never far away from those demons and like the cunning beasts they are, they are prepared to ambush me at the most unlikely of moments!