• Peter Lewis

Preparing for my Biggest Fortnight

This weekend I get to race at the Outlaw Bowood House, a middle distance (half Iron) triathlon with one of my best mates and in what will hopefully be cracking weather. This will be my first race since November 2019 when I completed Ironman Florida in a PB of 10hrs 23mins.

So it's great to be racing again and all things are tracking nicely in terms of my training, health and mindset. I'm genuinely looking forward to experiencing the buzz of racing and feel no pressure to perform; I'm simply looking forward to the joy of being able to do so.

Okay, so a decent time would be nice. But. I'm not going to break myself in the process.

But if you'd asked me a few weeks back, then my plan would have been very different. I would have told you that I'll be racing hard to get the best time possible and also try and beat my mucker, who is also a GB age-grouper and no slouch.

But that was before I found myself emailing the race director of the 24hr Self-transcendence ultra race to take place on the 18th September (my wedding anniversary - but that's for another blog post!).

The 24ST race takes place on a 400m running track in London and the aim is simple. To keep going for 24hrs and see how far you can get.

I'll probably devote a separate post about this and go into the specifics of race prep etc, but for now, two weeks out, I'm reflecting on what will be the most demanding fortnight of my life in terms of racing, recovery and racing/plodding again!

And I'm excited! I literally can't wait. In fact, it almost feels that my original 'A' race, the Outlaw Half, is now in the way of the 24ST race which is where my curiosity and thoughts seem to go to every waking moment.

I know what it's like to race and complete a middle distance race. But an all-dayer, around a track, with no change of scenery?

Now that's what I call a voyage of discovery!